Meet the Art Life Design team

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Peter Riehm

President & Principal Design

With over 25 years experience in the art, graphics & framing field, Peter has the professional expertise to help clients navigate the corporate art market.

Peter's experience in design and project management allows his clients the time and ability to make smart decisions about their workspace.

  Something you didn't know:   As a crazy, totally obsessed skier, Peter dreams of skiing the big powder all over Canada... and beyond!

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Randy Miller

Framing & Installation Technician

Randy is passionate about art and framing and is always ready to tackle a new challenge.  His career in the art and framing field spans more than a few decades in many different areas of expertise.

As an energetic professional, Randy is a  great team player who always puts the needs of clients first.


   Something you didn't know:   Randy is a big camping enthusiast. He loves to explore Algonquin park with just his canoe and the peaceful sounds of loons.

"Art!  Who comprehends her?  With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess?"

- Ludvig Van Beethoven